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Since the discovery of their signaling functions over 35 years ago, research efforts into sphingolipids have grown and now represent a community of labs and scientists from around the world. With this webinar series, we hope to provide a forum for researchers to share their findings, to stimulate discussion and enhance collaboration, and as an educational tool for novices to the sphingolipid field. We also want to use these webinars as a platform to promote lipid research in the wider scientific community and to inspire researchers in other fields to think about lipids in their own studies. In this spirit, we encourage you to spread the word.

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J. Inokuchi

Tohoko MPUniversity, Japan

Homeostatic and pathogenic roles of GM3 ganglioside

05 October

13h00 WEST

A Merrill, Y Hannun, C Luberto

Lipid Maps Webinar

A discussion of approaches to interpretation of data from sphingolipidomic analysis

19 October

16h30 WEST

C. Metallo


Amino acid metabolism alterations and SPT promiscuity in cancer and neuropathy

30 November

16h00 WET

A. Roux

University of Geneva, Switzerland

The unique ESCRT-III mechanics that drives membrane remodelling

19 October

16h30 WEST

K. Sandhoff

LIMES, Germany

Cascades of Catabolic Errors generate complex Pathologies in LSDs

16 November

16h00 WET

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