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In light of the COVID pandemic, which led to the suspension of in-person conferences, it has become evident that PIs, postdocs, and graduate students were missing crucial opportunities to showcase their work on local, national, and international platforms. This reality prompted the conception of this virtual platform where new scientific achievements could be disseminated to a worldwide audience.

As we navigate through the post-COVID era, almost four years since its onset, we remain committed to maintaining webinars as a valuable alternative. These webinars serve as an enduring platform for the scientific community to communicate, ensuring that researchers at all levels can present their work. This virtual platform plays a pivotal role in democratizing access to knowledge, breaking down geographical barriers, and fostering a global exchange of ideas. By providing a consistent and accessible avenue for presentations, our webinars become a ground for knowledge dissemination, and the establishment of networks within the scientific community. This platform not only bridges the gaps created by the absence of traditional conferences but also amplifies the inclusivity and diversity of voices contributing to the advancement of scientific research. As we look ahead, the significance of this virtual stage cannot be overstated in shaping the future landscape of collaborative and boundary-pushing scientific endeavors.


Kai Simons

10/04/24, 14:30


From lipid rafts to lipidomics



Christian Eggeling

28/02/24, 15:30


Studying lipid membrane dynamics: challenges and potentials of super-resolution microscopy

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