The suspension of in-person conferences owing to the COVID pandemic deprives PIs, postdocs, and graduate students of key opportunities to present their work on the local, national, and international stage. With this webinar series, we hope to provide these opportunities for researchers at all levels with goals of stimulating discussion and enhancing collaboration in the community.



Simone Crivelli

28/06/21, 15:00

University of Kentucky College of Medicine, USA

Function of ceramide transfer protein for biogenesis and sphingolipid composition of extracellular vesicles

Susan Schwab

12/07/21, 15:00

NYU School of Medicine, USA

Exit strategies: S1P signaling in inflammation

Keri Barron

28/06/21, 15:30

University North Carolina, USA

Ceramide Synthase 6 in response to high fat diet: a metabolomics study


12/07/21, 15:30

King’s College London, UK

Lipidomics to study Alcohol Liver Disease, from a human cohort to biological questions


Pietro de Camilli

14/06/21, 15:00

Yale School of Medicine, USA

Novel pathways of intracellular lipid transport and neurodegenerative diseases