The sphingolipid community is very fortunate to have a number of senior researchers that have played important roles in early sphingolipid research and/or who are continuing to drive sphingolipid research in new and important directions. We have chosen to designate these researchers as ‘SphingoLeaders’. These webinars are designed to give a broader overview of a specific topic of research including some historical perspective – and are would be particularly useful as educational tools for novices to the sphingolipid field.

Maurizio Del Poeta

Stony Brook University, USA

Konrad Sandhoff

LIMES, Germany

Timothy Hla

Harvard Medical School, USA

Rick Proia


Jin-ichi Inokuchi

Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan

Tony Futerman

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Joost Holthuis

University of Osnabruck, Germany

Frances Platt

University of Oxford, UK

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